wrong. band from berlin

Wrong. @ Rufreaktor in Berlin 2011-09-24

Whatever will be will be….
the LA54 (Landsberger Allee 54 12305 Berlin) is yet another one of those places where magic is too strong for corporations to simply let it be, yes they want to kick us out and build apartments, it’s all true. Whatever will be will be, we don t know it quite yet.

Saturday 24th is open building again, from 3pm, come sneak around enjoy, love, produce moments.

at night the Ruf Reaktor goes in therapy session
which kind of therapy you may ask ?
that means you never came, and you should, cause it s difficult to describe

if you instead are one of those rufers that knows the how and the whereabout
then this is the time to enjoy the old roof, before they smash it, clean it, prepare it as a gift box and give it away as a valentine cheesy present.
And one day you ll be able to say “oh sure, I used to go therapy there”
and people will ask “which kind of therapy ?”
and you ll give them the smilest of the smile and they will understand

apart from that
Ruf doors open at 9, program starts at 10
artists of the night can speak for themselves:

Sassparilla Sisters
“We’ve taken it upon ourself to revive antiquated American Vaudeville routines, letting them live in a new time and space. The result is a tantalizing medicinal show with song, dance, storytelling, and surprises.” Jill et Georgia

“We call ourselves ” WRONG.” We are pretty heavy, but the music is kick-ass and we are funny at the same time.” Deacon

“Do you have an extra amplifier ?” Manolo

more to be announced

as always, tell your dearest and bring your own beauty

with love
The Ruf Reaktor Team
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Landsberger Allee 54
12305 Berlin

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