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One second it sounds like country, the next like metal. Snappy riffs, upbeat tempo, all sprinkled with melodies. They call it Distortion-Polka. This band goes forward. They formed in 2009. To good to be trash and to fun to be serious. The latest CD “Take me to your Lieder” dazzles with songs like “It must have been a good party” or “Bier hat mein Leben versaut”. If you are tired of going right, then go wrong. You never quite know what will happen when they play live so bang your head and stomp your feet. Better yet, put on some funny clothes and jump up and down.

Line-Up (from left to right):

Deacon Dunlop – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Ruben Bratwurst – Drums
Manuel Kailuweit – Lied Guitar
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And yes it is true, wrong does not have a bass player.

Deacon is from California where he started playing in punk bands when he was 16. First Malicious Vandalism and Karbunkle. Then he moved on to more progressive music in bands like Spout Mouth and later Jan Not Jackson. He relocated to Berlin in the mid-90’s and started the band Gitarre und Schrank in 2002. Not long after he joined the band Jane Walton. Both bands have toured extensively in Europe.

Ruben has been hitting things for quite some time. Once his CrashCore band Tripload broke up right before they became somewhat successful in their rehearsal room, he packed his drums and moved to Berlin in 2003. Here he enjoyed ruining peaceful moments in bands such as Fake Radio Message or the glorious SkaPunk monster Fong. Once he met the other Wrongos, he tagged along and is now known for putting the “O” back in Polka.

Manuel moved to Berlin in 2002. Plays keyboards, guitar, bass, saxophone, and drums. He is the melody maker for Wrong. A vital force to be reckoned with indeed. He has played in countless bands: Trickster, Krause Duo, Traumjob, Jane Walton, and Wrong. Just to name a few. Every band should have a Manuel. It’s very cool that Wrong. does.


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