2012-02-25 wrong. @ Veboz

wrong. @ Veboz 2012-02-25

Omagott this Sa. 25th of Feb.

what: a concert
who: wrong.
where: Veboz (in sbahn bogen in Mobijou Park)
time: 9:30 pm (pesky neighbors!)
cost: free entrance…

you are cordially invited to dance the wombat, wear a wig, or even eat a carrot…but careful!
wrong. and carrots …a dangerous combination..
wrong. looks forward to having you.. our last shin-dig before we take a breather to make new music,
make some vids (if you are interested contact us we’d love to have you!), and eat spritzkuchen.

FB Event

Kleine Präsidentenstraße 4a, Am Monbijoupark in Mitte

here it is:


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